Why classical guitar?

My wife always explains her love of cooking this way: Since we eat 3 times a day every day we are alive, we may as well learn to make the things we like. It makes sense, even more so when we acknowledge that food makes up one of our greatest pleasures. Spending time with a friend? Grab a coffee! Anniversary? Reserve a nice dinner! Family holiday? Prepare a feast!

Music is much the same. It brings people together, touches hearts, enhances every party! Play guitar? - you know you are always in demand! Social experiences are the center of our lives, and since the average lifespan is 68 years and growing, it makes sense to find ways to deepen those relationships. Music does this.

Hobbyists find themselves the life of the party, recipients of gratitude for enhancing an otherwise ordinary get together, making memories that last at luncheons, parties, reunions - you name it! Professionals create unforgettable proposals, events and concerts. They stimulate conversation among music lovers, and the best of these, channel our past, keeping alive the great masters of antiquity. All musicians touch a pure place in us, understood only through deep peaceful listening, in a world that is very noise and busy. This is why so many are drawn to music, to listen and learn, to engage in this unspeakable dialog and make the most of every moment we are together. 

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